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Westside Orthopaedic Clinic is a full service Orthopaedic Clinic offering a wide array of Orthopaedic care and services. Call Us Today!

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Westside Orthopedic Clinic is the home of Dr. Ralph Katz, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. A doctor whose personalized service focuses on individualized care. Highly skilled in advanced surgical techniques, with a specialty in spine care, he treats patients with compassion and kindness. His ultimate goal is to treat patients’ orthopedic issues and get them to a better quality of life as soon as possible.

His staff is friendly, knowledgeable and also skilled in providing for patients. From the front desk to X- rays, to caring nurses, patients are in the hands of professionals. Westside does not have an automated phone system, instead patients will always get a live, warm staff member, who will answer questions with a level of patience that has become a thing of the past in most practices. You will never be asked if you want to see a substitute provider – at Westside Orthopedic, patients will always see Dr.Katz, personally. If you are suffering with orthopedic issues, call today and see how Dr. Katz and his staff can help you.

TITLE: Testimonials

Dr. Katz has great bedside manner. Very thorough in explaining condition, treatment, etc.

Steven B.

Before my surgery I was in pain management taking 3-5 different medications every day and that still did not help my pain. I had several back surgeries in the past with no relief as well. Dr. Katz was a blessing to me. After he did a surgery on my lower back, I am pain free and not on any pain medications. His knowledge, care, and skills have been life saving to me.


I went to see Dr. Katz because I was having severe pain in my lower back and both legs that prevented me from doing normal things, like going out to eat, fishing, and enjoying life. After doing therapy, taking medications, and trying injections, I was ready to have surgery. Dr. Katz did a laminectomy on me, 1 week after the surgery I was pain free and felt like I could have a normal life again. I am now 6 months since surgery and pain free, living life.


The staff is absolutely amazing. They were sincerely concerned about my needs and using the right approach for me to get better.


I have been seeing Dr. Katz for a long time for back and neck problems. He recently performed a lumbar fusion on L5 S1 and it has given me back a part of my life I didn't think I would ever have. The whole staff is warm and welcoming. Everyone treats you as a person and not just another patient

Joseph F.

The best ever Dr. Katz is a gift from God and the WHOLE ENTIRE STAFF this man did my surgery a few years ago on a Thursday I was dischared on a Friday and didn't take not one pain killer at all!!!! A major surgery and each time he treated me for something I never go back for the same thing!!!!

Angela M.

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