Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

IT Band Syndrome (ITBS) occurs when the connective tissues located on your outer thigh and knee get overused. Like the name suggests, the iliotibial band extends from your shinbone to your pelvic bone and can become overworked, causing the ligament to stretch tightly enough to rub against your thigh bone. Since the iliotibial band is one of your hip abductor muscles, pain from its overuse can occur most frequently in the lateral part of your knee and spread all the way up the thigh to your hip.

You may be suffering from IT Band Syndrome if the pain intensifies when you run or walk as your heel strikes the ground and in the beginning, it is most noticeable through stinging, tingling sensations, numbness or needle-like pricks around your knee or thigh. IT Band Syndrome is especially prevalent in long-distance runners, cyclists, or people who frequently squat or weight lift.

The treatment and prognosis of your IT Band Syndrome vary on the severity of your pain and the extent of the injury, and usually starts with rest, ice, compression and elevation of your affected leg. Home treatments such as massages, foam rollers or stretches are often quite helpful, and in more severe cases, physical therapy can help alleviate your pain.

our orthopedic surgeon will be able to more accurately diagnose your pain as IT Band Syndrome by listening to a detailed account of your pain intensifying over time or as activity increases, and through a physical examination of the affected leg. Tenderness on your outer thigh just above your knee is common, and sometimes, muscles imbalance between your legs is a telltale sign of IT Band Syndrome.

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